Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New blog and new site!

I was going to wait until I have my new logo to announce this but it's been festering under my skin. So guessssss what ya'll...

New site!

(okay fine, don't click on my fancy links: www.kaylynnmarie.com and blog.kaylynnmarie.com)


This blog will still exist in a vegetative state, serving the one purpose of pointing people to the above blog link. So you should switch your subscription. Just saying.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

RIP.... almost....

Just letting you faithful readers know that an all new blog is in the works! For the meantime, this one will still exist, in a vegetative state, until I come back with a post saying "it's here! YAY new blog!"

I can still be found at the website, facebook, or planted on my couch with my computer and a large cup of coffee. And a plethora of other places, apparently....

I googled 'kaylynn marie' for kicks. Okay, yes, I love to stalk myself.

link 1- my website

link 2- my myspace. You mean i still have one of those? I forgot all about it! If you want a chuckle about how different things were a few years back, you should really check it out. I went in a few weeks ago and deleted a whole bunch or retarded stuff... i really should have left it up for kicks...

link 3- my facebook fan page

link 4- my flickr page. For this blog, i hosted all the photos on flickr. Old school. Best thing is, I had no idea that anyone in the world knew about my flickr page... until i discovered the 'recent activity' link and found I had years of feedback to respond too. Oops.

link 5- my flickr profile

link 6- my model mayhem account, another blast from the recent past.

link 7- my wedding wire profile i didn't know i had until two weeks ago when a bride contacted me from there... i was like "oh, you know, you must be thinking of another kaylynn marie because i don't have a wedding wire profile!'

link 8- this blog!

link 9- some other profile on projectwedding.com that i didn't know existed

link 10- "how do you say cassandra kaylynn-marie brown in spanish?"

link 11- some sort of google profile for a kaylynn that ISN'T me.

This all makes me chuckle.